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            HIGHTOP Biotech is a R&D based manufacturer, engaged in development, manufacturing and trading of in vitro Diagnostic Reagents (IVD) and Medical Equipment. We are committed to using our Technology and Innovation to Improve the Quality of Life.
            HIGHTOP Biotech is the head office of HIGHTOP Group, which including other two companies, located in the beautiful costal city of Qingdao, China. Our main factory, Weifang Kanghua Biotech Co.,Ltd, founded in 1996, which approved for manufacturing and trading IVD products from SFDA and operated under quality system of ISO 13485...

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            TEL: CITY & COUNTRY: E-MAIL:
            Qingdao HIGHTOP Biotech Co., Ltd.

            Tel: +86-0532-58710705

            Fax: +86-0532-58710706

            Email: sales@hightopbio.com

            Address: No.369 Hedong Road, Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Qingdao City, 266112, Shandong Province, China.

            Copyright ? HIGHTOP Biotech
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